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Our Story...Our Dream

Vicki & Sarah - Business Owners, Early Childhood Teachers, Mum's and Lifelong Friends


Hi!  Thank you for taking the time to explore our website and learn more about us, our passion....and our story!

We are both incredibly proud, passionate and excited about our business and the people involved – adults and children!  We have 25+ year’s history as friends and colleagues working alongside each other in the early childhood sector and this shines through each day in all that we do.


Sarah‘Everything I have learnt and experienced during my 25 year career in early childhood leads me to the importance of relationships.  When our babies and young children feel safe and loved then the learning can begin through play, hands-on experiences and amazing environments. For the past 14 years I have seen this in action on a daily basis in home based care and I am now so excited to nurture the same philosophy in a centre based ‘home’. It’s about the people, respect and love… and if the adults experience that too then it can only be of benefit to our children. This is our aim, our mission… and we LOVE it!'

Vicki‘When I think about what ignites my passion and makes me smile – it’s young children that I have the privilege of working alongside every day. I love the way children play and explore their world, having the opportunity to grow and emerge into healthy, confident and independent young people. With over 20 years’ experience in Early Childhood education, I see children as our future, and our role is to educate them in a safe and nurturing environment and to provide a positive and a rich experience that develops their journey into young human beings. The relationship we have with children and their families are one of positivity, kindness, and compassion.'


Connections In The Home - Home based care in East Auckland

Our first 'baby' - Connections In The Home was launched in March 2013 and our team has grown quickly.  We have a team of wonderful In Home Educators and families under our ‘umbrella’ of support and we value each and every one of them!

We love to meet families, children and educators in our community and support them in what we believe is laying foundations for the future!  At each of our regular events and outings we look forward to seeing the children and enjoy their hugs.  Between us we get to know each child recognising them all as individuals and loving their little personalities!  It is our aim to get to know as many of the families as we can - and as many of the families are referred to us then we seem to have that 'Connection' with each of them from the beginning of their journey with us.

We are excited to be launching into an exciting Term 4 for 2016 and we have some very exciting plans for the home based service for 2017!   

Early Connections - Centre based care in Beachlands

We are lovingly creating a centre with a difference (our 'baby' number two!), ‘A Home Away From Home’ for our precious babies, toddlers and young children in the Pohutukawa Coast. There will be very strong links to the amazing benefits and values within home based care and we can't wait to see it in action.  We believe in having the upmost respect for our babies and young children and their capabilities. 'Early Connections' children will get to experience real life experiences, soaking up their environment and allowing their experiences to unfold around them as they potter, explore and wonder through their play. Children need to be able to experience the ordinary with joy as it then becomes extra-ordinary! (The Heart School).  All children and their families will walk into the Centre feeling welcomed, relaxed and at home. It is all about people, respect, fun and laughter!

Thank you for being part of our journey....we look forward to all that is ahead.

Vicki & Sarah xxx


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